Wolford celebrates their 70th anniversary

(September, 2020) – Wolford is going to celebrate brand’s 70th birthday this year – celebrating the long-lasting legacy in creating outstanding Skinwear. To pay Tribute to the brand’s classic heritage and innovation in the field of luxury SKINWEAR, Wolford will celebrate with a series of events in China throughout the end of the year.

As the leading brand of luxury skin-friendly clothing, over the past 70 years, Wolford has cooperated with designer brands like Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen, and more, using its superb craftsmanship to integrate the designs of visionaries and creating many outstanding limited collections. Through the years, Wolford has also worked with acclaimed fashion photographers to capture each piece, elevating its image beyond advertising to a work of art. Each photographer’s unique visual language has captured the femininity of different eras in their own singular way. The result is a product presented intuitively, an experience conveyed to the audience, and a subsequent chapter captured for the heritage of fashion photography.

Among these artists is photographer Helmut Newton, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 20th century. In the 1990s, he launched an era-defining visual perspective with Wolford. He used his lens to capture the femininity of the Wolford brand: its independence, its confidence, and its timelessness. 2020 marks Wolford 70 years celebration as well as the centenary birthday of this iconic photographer. To immortalize this incredible moment , Wolford has created three commemorative tees featuring the photography of Helmut Newton, for sale worldwide.

Since 1950, our muses have been inclusive and confident women all over the world who fully express themselves in each and every moment. We wish to empower women worldwide. Wolford looks forward to engaging with independent women across countries and cultures to convey this spirit to women everywhere. As the cooperation between China’s Fosun Group and Wolford enters its second year, Chinese consumers will also have the opportunity to discover Wolford’s new look and feel. Modern women from various industries and backgrounds across China will have the opportunity to define what it means to be independent, powerful, and feminine.

“We will not still be here if it wasn’t for the amazing women out there”, says Silvia Azzali, CCO of the brand. “Our devotion to women has no boundaries and, over the years, they have responded making our pieces iconic and everlasting as they are designed to make them feel sexy yet comfortable. We believe that every woman deserves Wolford.

Beginning in September, a series of offline celebrations will begin with events at the Shanghai Fosun Foundation and Bund Financial Center (BFC). At the same time, to both mark the milestone of 70 years and look ahead to the future, Wolford’s new sportswear line, The W Collection, will debut to the Chinese market. This collection is designed with a new generation of Asian women in mind, marking the beginning of a new era for the brand.

Wolford has long maintained an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of sustainability. Two years ago, Wolford has launched the world’s first recyclable and fully biodegradable collection: Aurora, that has soon received the Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certification , for both the biological and technological cycle. In keeping with the legacy of the brand’s 70 years of pioneering fashion and unrelenting pursuit of high-quality products, the new products combine the masterful craftsmanship, technological innovation and original design for which the brand is known, while also imbuing Aurora’s classic pieces with a new vitality. The line will be unveiled to the Chinese market in September as a 70th anniversary gift from us, to you.

Wolford is the only fashion and textile company to be Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified. Our dedication to sustainability is our dedication to humanity and to our future. With this spirit in mind, the Wolford pop-up coffee shop will open at the Shanghai Fosun Foundation beginning October 1.

On June 24th, 2020 we have turned 70. 70 years devoted to femininity and women empowerment 70 years well spent. It is an important milestone, worth celebrating, but as 2020 was not the year we wanted it to be, we will carry on our celebrations into the next season too, providing our loving fans with collections that, more than ever, will focus on creativity, workmanship, sustainability and quality, designed to make women shine.