Introducing The W Collection

Bregenz, October 2020 – Wolford has always produced clothing that masterfully blends style and comfort, and we’re now bringing that expertise to athleisure. The W Collection is our first line of products specifically designed to encourage and complement the active lifestyle of women. The W is a dynamic collection tailored to the needs of a more bold and energetic customer from the yoga studio to the office.

All pieces are designed to support performance when used in low impact activities like yoga, Pilates, jogging or a just a session at the gym. As expected from Wolford, the collection is incredibly soft and tailored to provide maximum freedom of motion. The high-quality fiber and fabric used to produce these pieces guarantees optimal moisture management to keep our customers feeling fresh even after a workout. Versatility, flexibility and comfort define these products that adapt effortlessly to the varied schedules women face on a daily basis.

“The W is the first real Wolford Athleisure Collection, engineered made to accompany our dynamic and demanding consumers wherever their day takes them. The possibility of these styles to be mixed and matched or layered with all of our essentials effortlessly even transforms them into outstanding office or party outfits,” Silvia Azzali, COO of Wolford says.

Although this is our first dedicated collection, Wolford is no stranger to athleisure. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our brand we took the opportunity to draw from the groundbreaking pieces found in our archive to inspire garments relevant for the modern consumer. Styles from the 80s and 90s, when aerobic classes were filled with colorful bodysuits and leggings, caught the eye of our designers and provided the muse for The W. The W. We looked back on those fitness items and gave them new life, adding elegance and style to create fashion staples for the 21st century wardrobe.
Wolford’s renowned circular knitting and sheer opaque techniques, along with minimal seams optimized for athleisure, make The W Collection our most versatile line yet. Our trademark knitting techniques and fibers mean these styles are capable of layering with all of our Essential products to help you achieve the perfect look no matter where the day may take you.

Highlights from The W Collection include playful monogrammed pieces such as the Aurora Monogram Leggings that blend eye-catching highlights with the versatile sensibility of athleisure. All Aurora products in The W Collection are Cradle to Cradle certified, making them sustainable as well as stylish. In addition to flexible skinwear. The W Collection also features fine Merino wool pieces such as the Concordia Cardigan, perfect for the journey from home to the gym and back again.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary events at Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, ten limited editions exclusively available to Chinese consumers, which fit their lifestyles in representation of a new generation of Asian women, had already hit the Chinese market a month in advance of celebratory events.

Discover the benefits of athleisure with The W Collection and embrace a more active lifestyle without sacrificing quality or sophistication.