LANVIN announces that Paris Hilton is starring in its Spring/Summer 2021 advertising campaign

Shot by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggot, the campaign will debut worldwide on March 15, 2021 and will feature Creative Director Bruno Sialelli’s Spring/Summer 2021 collection for LANVIN. Titled Yu Garden, the collection was shown in the eponymous place in Shanghai on October 17, 2020. It explored the exchange between the old and the new, heritage and the contemporary, and a reexamination of the legacy of the Maison, its design archives and LANVIN’s ideological meaning. A meaning that is a reflection of the times alongside a respect for history – using the past to invent a future.

Inspired by 1950’s portraits of New York City’s society women, then referred to as “swans”, this campaign interprets the modern-day swan – the influencer. Sialelli chose Paris Hilton as the incarnation of this mediatic era in today’s society being at its origin. Hilton installed a new paradigm based on a self-generated way of communicating which influenced and inspired new generations, amplified by social networks and mainstream media.

“When we began discussing this campaign, I knew I wanted to portray Paris Hilton in a way that she has never been seen before. She is quite known for her long blonde hair and glimmery style and we wanted to shed light on her ability to transform – much like a swan. As the originator of the influencer movement and the idea of ‘famous for being famous,’ I wanted to show the world how far she has come in the industry that she created. We stripped back the styling and allowed her natural beauty to be captured” said Bruno Sialelli, Creative Director of LANVIN.

“I’m humbled to be working with LANVIN for their Spring/Summer campaign and to be able to contribute to the brand’s legacy,” says Paris Hilton on the project. “I’ve always been a fan of the house and personally admire the founder Jeanne Lanvin. She was able to build an empire from one small shop that still exists 130 years later. Her entrepreneurial spirit is so incredible – remind you of anyone else?”


Campaign Credits:

Subject: Paris Hilton

Photography: Mert and Marcus

Creative Direction: Bruno Sialelli, LANVIN

Image Direction: Ezra Petronio

Stylist: Carlos Nazario

Hair: Jimmy Paul

Makeup: Etienne Ortega

St. John Pre-Fall 2021 Collection

American luxury fashion house St. John is continuing an evolutionary trajectory under the artful eye of newly appointed Creative Director Zoe Turner. For her Pre-Fall 2021 outing, Turner is taking the St. John DNA and twisting the house codes into a modern tweed wardrobe.

With an emphasis on daywear inspired by the desire of women, rather than a commercial calling, St. John is offering an original approach to separates focusing on the updated way clothes are worn. Full trousers are paired with sweatshirts, hoodies, and button-down shirts all in inimitable St. John tweed. The modern collection is generous and comfortable, with a fresh interpretation of something which you already thought you knew allowing this season to remain historically respectful. Suddenly, that which is familiar becomes extraordinary.

As usual for Turner, her dedication to fabric research and the technical aspect of design is unwavering. Fabrics are 3D and fringed, spun into a textured tapestry of girly pastels, sophisticated neutrals and beige tones. The loose yet instinctive feel of the craftsmanship is ever-present and the finishes are faultless. The overall philosophy of Pre-Fall is focused more on essentials, yet still ultimately refined epitomized by a softly tailored jacket featuring a new round cut sleeve and smoked mother of pearl button details.“It’s all about introducing new pieces in an approachable and wearable way. It’s about the way the clothes are worn together for a modern stand on separates, but very St. John of the now,” said Turner. Turner creates exquisite items of clothing absent of any pretention. Her clothes have stature yet also a comfortable nonchalance. For Pre-Fall the garments may have evolved but one thing remains, St. John’s design ethos is always of polished elegance.

St. John is an American luxury house founded in 1962 on the premise of a simple, elegant and versatile knit dress. The brand has evolved over the years, but the foundation of the collection remains the same today as it did from the very start – great American design, understated and timeless elegance, unsurpassed quality and craftsmanship. The company, headquartered in Southern California, employs more than 1,000 people and is vertically integrated with workshops, stores and offices around the world. Its collections are sold in high-end specialty retailers in 16 countries, 49 St. John stores and through the brand’s ecommerce site Instagram/ Facebook/Twitter/LinkedIn: @StJohnKnits

Fosun was founded in 1992. Fosun International Limited is an innovation-driven consumer group that has been listed on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (00656.HK) since 2007, with total assets over RMB715.7 billion (c.US$102.6 billion) as of 31 December 2019 and total revenue of RMB143.0 billion (c.US$20.7 billion) in 2019. Fosun’s mission is to provide high-quality products and services for families around the world in health, happiness and wealth segments. Fosun International ranks No.416 on the 2019 Forbes Global 2000 List.

Launched in 2017 and based in Shanghai, China, FFG is a multi-disciplinary industry platform under Fosun International Ltd. that focuses on in-depth operations and strategic investments in Fashion. Rooted in China with a global vision, FFG is able to provide the complete solution for brands’ sustainable growth.
FFG believes that long-term value can be created through a variety of strategic initiatives. These include brand building, talent recruiting, 2 product development, strategic alliances, channel expansion, digitalization, as well as full-spectrum local operation provided through its China operation arm, Fosun Fashion Brand Management (FFBM). Through its unique approach and position, FFG looks to create and connect cross-border communities, empower talent and drive growth. FFG’s current brand portfolio includes Lanvin, Wolford, St. John, Caruso and Tom Tailor.


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(2020年11月7日,上海)11月7日,复星大快乐展区迎来”奥地利国家主题日”。复星时尚旗下奥地利国宝级品牌——科技引领的可持续时尚先锋, 70年高端贴身衣物品牌以“可持续时尚”为主题,举办圆桌论坛。

复星时尚集团董事长程云表示:“作为一家植根中国的全球性企业,复星时尚集团始终致力于履行企业社会责任。近年来, 随着中国消费品市场的蓬勃发展,人们追求高品质的同时,绿色消费成为当代消费发展的大趋势。复星时尚始终关注自身行业和社会与自然环境中的连结与变化,身体力行倡导绿色消费风尚,发展可持续时尚。”

今年是中奥建交50周年,也恰逢诞生于奥地利的品牌Wolford创立70周年,复星时尚以一场“可持续时尚”主题论坛,和一场adidas x Wolford跨界合作系列亚洲首发的剪彩仪式向进博会献礼,向中奥友谊致敬。


于2018年推出了全球时装行业领先的可回收、可生物降解的产品系列——Aurora欧若拉,通过顶级认证机构“从摇篮到摇篮™”(Cradle to Cradle Certified™)的金牌认证,以可持续时尚的环保理念,保证所有原材料的无限可循环。2019年4月,Wolford收到第二份“从摇篮到摇篮™”金级认证书,于更多方面进行尝试和发展,其生产的Econyl®丝线就是从海洋中回收的鱼网和其他废弃尼龙制品中再生而成。Wolford因此成为全球首家,也是迄今为止唯一一家取得“从摇篮到摇篮™”两项金级认证的服装与纺织品公司。


奥地利驻上海领事馆商务领事 Christina Schoesser,复星时尚集团执行总裁陈莉丽、Wolford大中华区总经理李勇、《ELLE 世界时装之苑》时装专题副总监马牧原、WWF世界自然基金会(瑞士)北京代表处纺织行业绿色转型项目主任刘一峰、环保NGO组织GREENEXT创始人郑荭、“持续新生”环保展策展人李叶萌,共同出席该论坛,纷纷发表精彩观点,并表示时尚行业应肩负起推进绿色消费,将可持续理念落到实处的重任。

论坛期间复星时尚还举办了adidas x Wolford跨界合作系列剪彩仪式,共同见证该系列的亚洲首发。Wolford 以其70年精湛的针织技艺和引以为傲的纱线而闻名,adidas 是首家与Wolford合作的运动服饰公司,两大行业知名品牌联手合作,将Adidas 在运动服饰的科技性能设计和Wolford的优质针织织物面料相结合。该系列推出了两套无缝合线的服装,可完全包裹身体,在运动时提供犹如第二层肌肤般的妥帖感受。






关于复星时尚集团Fosun Fashion Group (FFG)

2017年,复星时尚集团在中国上海成立,是复星旗下的多元产业平台,聚焦时尚领域,专注战略投资,深耕产业运营。复星时尚集团植根中国,放眼世界,为品牌的可持续发展提供完整解决方案, 更以品牌传承的使命感和品牌发展的责任感为己任,坚信通过制定一系列战略举措,最终将产生长远价值。这些举措包括:品牌建立、招贤纳才、产品开发、渠道拓展、市场营销、数字化建设,战略联盟以及通过旗下品牌运营团队——复星时尚品牌管理公司,提供全面本地化运营。复星时尚集团旨在凭借独特的运作模式和定位,创造和连接跨国社群,激发人才潜能,驱动创新发展。复星时尚集团旗下品牌包括 LANVIN、Wolford、ST. JOHN、Caruso 和 Tom Tailor。


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(2020年11月5日,上海)11月5日至10日期间,复星时尚集团Fosun Fashion Group(FFG)旗下三个品牌首次参加第三届中国国际进口博览会, 亮相FOSUN HAPPINESS 展区。三个品牌包括现存历史最悠久,超过130年传承的法国高级时装屋LANVIN,科技引领的可持续时尚先锋,来自奥地利的高端亲肤品牌Wolford,和富有传奇色彩精于针织技艺的美国奢侈品女装ST.JOHN。



作为复星生态内重要的产业板块一员,复星时尚集团(FFG)携旗下海外时尚品牌首次亮相进博会,现场展现精彩纷呈意义深远的产品,如全球首发,中国首展的LANVIN中国限定版Bumper运动鞋;亚洲首发的adidas X Wolford跨界运动系列;ST. JOHN新任创意总监Zoe Turner的首个完整系列,并主持和参与文化主题活动如“新法式生活方式论坛”及“可持续环保论坛”,将海外优质品牌的深厚积淀与中国时尚消费趋势相结合,展现了复星时尚“战略投资+产业运营”能力,以及对高端消费品市场的信心。

LANVIN 领衔复星时尚集团旗下海外品牌首次亮相进博会

LANVIN 领衔复星时尚集团旗下海外品牌首次亮相进博会




作为复星时尚参与进博会的序曲,今年10月17日,LANVIN 2021春夏新系列在豫园发布,将东方美学与巴黎优雅完美结合,在九曲桥上掀“大浪”。此次进博会LANVIN展区将巴黎流动的盛宴带到现场,全方位演绎法式生活艺术,喝着咖啡,抱束鲜花漫步在街头巷尾,生活中的点滴美好由这些小事累积而成。此次LANVIN把巴黎街角的这些美好带来展区,也让我们有机会体验美的事物、激发灵感。

LANVIN设计师Bruno Sialelli特别打造的中国限定版Bumper运动鞋在进博会期间全球首发,中国首展。鞋款设计源于70年代复古跑鞋,鞋底为LANVIN独家开发的超轻材质,鞋面为尼龙、皮革拼接,鞋舌饰有“Shanghai 2021″标签。该款“2021 Shanghai”中国限定版Bumper运动鞋在本届进博会首次全球亮相,备受瞩目。

LANVIN 展示中国限定Bumper运动鞋

除此以外,LANVIN还展出2020秋冬小象Babar胶囊系列。法国著名童话形象小象Babar以它积极乐观的生活态度、可爱动人的卡通形象,和它作为无数儿童的梦中玩伴的文化象征,与LANVIN的品牌精神——优雅、乐观、以及生活的乐趣(joie de vivre)完美契合。法式童趣灵感开启潮趣穿搭世界,活力演绎摩登穿搭风向。

LANVIN 2020秋冬系列活力演绎摩登现代穿搭风向



来自奥地利拥有70年历史的亲肤时尚先锋品牌Wolford, 作为环保时尚的引领者,在进博会上特别打造科技感空间,生动呈现联名系列与经典产品,讲述“未来肌肤”的故事。


Wolford展出于11月2日全球发布的adidas x Wolford联名系列, Wolford卓越的无缝针织工艺与Adidas科技面料与运动性能相结合,以无缝自由感勾勒女性优美线条。


同时展出的Aurora欧若拉系列是Wolford通过“从摇篮到摇篮™”(Cradle to Cradle Certified™)金牌认证的系列产品,围绕着可持续发展的理念设计,保证了所有原材料的无限可循环,100%可回收、可生物降解。Wolford是全球第一家、也是唯一一家拥有两项“从摇篮到摇篮认证™”金级认证证书的服装和纺织品公司。

在品牌成立70周年之际, Wolford大胆开拓全新产品线,现场展出品牌的首个运动时尚系列“THE W Collection”,迎合了前卫大胆、充满活力的当代女性消费者的需求。




创立于 1962 年的美国奢侈品时装ST.JOHN展区秉承品牌简洁与优雅风格, 以纯白空间呈现新任创意总监Zoe Turner为品牌打造的首个完整系列–2020秋冬系列。现场展示传承匠心工艺,焕新现代风格的品牌明星系列——SJacket气质小外套,还有致敬经典精致闪耀的晚礼服,以及充满摩登感的金属配饰,勾勒当代“精英女性”的多面风格。作为一位拥有20年经验的时装设计师和针织品设计师,Turner 技艺出众,履历不凡。她曾在Dior担任近十年的针织品专家,经历 John Galliano 和 Raf Simons 两任设计师时代。初入职场时,Turner 即有机会与著名意大利设计师 Alberta Ferretti 共事。加入 ST.JOHN 之前,她是Max Mara 时装集团的顾问团队负责人。本次展出的秋冬系列表达了女性的力量与优雅,是品牌开启全新篇章的重要里程碑。

ST. JOHN展示新任设计师的首个完整系列

Turner 表示:“ST.JOHN品牌拥有无以伦比的传承技艺宝藏,待我们去发掘和发展,新系列承载着新理念、新工艺和当代流行风尚。我希望可以借此表现ST.JOHN的全新风格与个性,无关年龄,自由自信,简约洗练。”




LANVIN将于11月6日上午在进博会 “法国文化主题日”期间,加入“新法式生活方式论坛”,分享历史悠久的法国高级时装屋的时尚新理念。Wolford将于11月7日上午在进博会“奥地利文化主题日”期间举办“可持续环保论坛”,同时举行全新adidas x Wolford跨界合作系列的剪彩仪式。




不论是LANVIN的“2021 Shanghai”中国限定版Bumper运动鞋, Wolford的全新运动品类“THE W”系列,还是ST.JOHN新任创意总监指导下的2020秋冬系列,此次复星时尚集团旗下品牌带来的展品无一不是在“双引擎”模式驱动下的成果,新的设计与新的品类都展现了集团为重塑品牌创新发展,以及与年轻一代消费者建立对话所下的功夫。







关于复星时尚集团Fosun Fashion Group (FFG)

2017年,复星时尚集团在中国上海成立,是复星旗下的多元产业平台,聚焦时尚领域,专注战略投资,深耕产业运营。复星时尚集团植根中国,放眼世界,为品牌的可持续发展提供完整解决方案, 更以品牌传承的使命感和品牌发展的责任感为己任,坚信通过制定一系列战略举措,最终将产生长远价值。这些举措包括:品牌建立、招贤纳才、产品开发、渠道拓展、市场营销、数字化建设,战略联盟以及通过旗下品牌运营团队——复星时尚品牌管理公司,提供全面本地化运营。复星时尚集团旨在凭借独特的运作模式和定位,创造和连接跨国社群,激发人才潜能,驱动创新发展。复星时尚集团旗下品牌包括 LANVIN、Wolford、ST. JOHN、Caruso 和 Tom Tailor。


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2020年10月17日,上海,法国高级时装屋LANVIN(浪凡)在上海豫园成功举办2021年春夏时装发布会。此次新品系列的发布亦同时作为第三届中国国际进口博览会的特别预热活动之一,LANVIN将领衔复星时尚集团(FFG)旗下海外时尚品牌首次参与2020进博会,亮相FOSUN HAPPINESS展区,在举世瞩目的国际展览舞台上呈现其品牌核心历史与精致法式生活方式。



LANVIN 豫园大秀,展现浪而不凡

LANVIN品牌的核心价值始终是对于时代的反思以及对待历史的尊重——立足过去,创造未来。此次LANVIN 2021春夏新系列在2020年十月金秋的中国上海开启了一段全新的时空穿越之旅,引领新旧对话,交融传统与现代,完美诠释了其品牌创意总监Bruno Sialelli(布鲁诺•西亚雷利)的奇思妙想。

2021 LANVIN 春夏系列中, Bruno Sialelli重焕了品牌的标志性风格,以Jeanne Lanvin的标志性礼服“robe de style”这一品牌的设计基础廓形为灵感,让这些设计风格化身为LANVIN未来的全新代表人物、英雄和女英雄。生于1889年的LANVIN品牌创始人Jeanne Lanvin以其独特的设计风格和敏锐的时尚嗅觉吸引了众多忠实消费者。乐观主义在上个世纪初期由隐约浮现到成熟自成一体,并在装饰艺术(Art Deco)中动态的、具有前瞻性的图形主义中得到充分的表达,寓意着时装艺术与社会关系之间的互动,描绘了关于进化、实验与梦想的蓝图。如今恰逢一场突如其来的全球危机正在肆虐,这种乐观主义精神或许能恰如其分地由历史中找到呼应,从而为现实汲取勇往直前的力量。



LANVIN 2021春夏时装秀是品牌加入复星大家庭后在中国举办的第一场时尚大秀,也是今年突如其来的疫情影响并席卷了包括中国在内的世界各国和地区后,LANVIN的第一场大秀。


上海国际时尚联合会会长、复星国际联席CEO徐晓亮说道:“借助国内国际双引擎、文化复兴带来的文化红利以及数字化的C2M产业发展等有利条件,同时充分借力上海——这座中国时尚的‘桥头堡’,时尚产业和时尚品牌得以快速发展。LANVIN 2021 春夏大秀在豫园举行,是复星产业之间协同,坚持内生和外延整合发式展,最终升级家庭快乐消费产业集群的典型案例。”

今年 10 月,恰逢中法两国领导人上海豫园会面满整一年,LANVIN 2021春夏时装发布会无疑延续并深化了中法两国之间的文化交流。复星国际董事长郭广昌表示:“作为一家植根于上海、植根于中国的全球化企业,复星一直希望把我们旗下最好的国际化产品和品牌引入国内,更好地服务于国内的消费者。此次LANVIN豫园大秀,不仅践行了复星长期坚持的“中国+全球”双轮驱动模式,也更是让中西方的艺术与时尚有了一次更深入的碰撞。希望这次LANVIN与豫园所碰撞出来的火花,能够为全世界的时尚产业带来一些创新的灵感。”



自2018年2月成功投资LANVIN以来,复星时尚积极参与团队管理和品牌战略升级工作,并于2019年1月,聘用了年轻的设计师Bruno Sialelli为LANVIN新任创意总监。Bruno Sialelli以柔和明丽的配色、充满童趣的漫画、轻快飘逸的剪裁、丰富的配饰和细节,将全新LANVIN呈现在世人面前。他将目标瞄准了更年轻且富有活力的新一代受众,唤醒这个老牌时装屋沉寂的巨大潜力。

复星全球合伙人、复星时尚集团董事长程云表示:“尽管 2020 年的到来并不是我们所期待的模样,但是疫情下,我们反而找到了更坚定的打法。接下来,我们仍将坚持全球化的发展步伐,通过‘双引擎’战略,聚焦深度产业运营。无论是LANVIN 2021春夏时装秀,还是接下来11月,复星时尚集团携旗下品牌 LANVIN、Wolford、ST. JOHN 首次参展进博会,都将是我们展示‘全球动力’的绝佳时刻。”






2017年,复星时尚集团在中国上海成立,是复星旗下的多元产业平台,深耕时尚领域,专注战略投资。复星时尚集团植根中国,放眼世界,为品牌的可持续发展提供完整解决方案。复星时尚集团相信,通过制定一系列战略举措,最终将产生长远价值。这些举措包括:品牌建立、招贤纳才、产品开发、战略联盟、渠道拓展、数字化建设,以及通过旗下品牌运营团队——复星时尚品牌管理公司,提供全面本地化运营。复星时尚集团旨在凭借独特的运作模式和定位,创造和连接跨国社群,激发人才潜能,驱动创新发展。复星时尚集团旗下品牌包括 LANVIN、Wolford、ST. JOHN、Caruso 和 Tom Tailor。



LANVIN,来自巴黎的著名精品时装屋,由珍妮·浪凡(Jeanne Lanvin)于 1889 年创立,是至今仍在经营的最悠久的法国时装屋。凭借超过 130 年的巴黎式优雅与浪漫,LANVIN 已经成为法国高端时尚产业的代表,引领着男女装、配饰、香水的潮流。自创立以来,Jeanne Lanvin 公司的总部始终设立在巴黎福宝大道 15 号和 22 号(15 and 22 Faubourg Saint-Honoré, Paris)。



微信 & 微博: FosunFashion复星时尚

Instagram: @FosunFashionGroup

Introducing The W Collection

Bregenz, October 2020 – Wolford has always produced clothing that masterfully blends style and comfort, and we’re now bringing that expertise to athleisure. The W Collection is our first line of products specifically designed to encourage and complement the active lifestyle of women. The W is a dynamic collection tailored to the needs of a more bold and energetic customer from the yoga studio to the office.

All pieces are designed to support performance when used in low impact activities like yoga, Pilates, jogging or a just a session at the gym. As expected from Wolford, the collection is incredibly soft and tailored to provide maximum freedom of motion. The high-quality fiber and fabric used to produce these pieces guarantees optimal moisture management to keep our customers feeling fresh even after a workout. Versatility, flexibility and comfort define these products that adapt effortlessly to the varied schedules women face on a daily basis.

“The W is the first real Wolford Athleisure Collection, engineered made to accompany our dynamic and demanding consumers wherever their day takes them. The possibility of these styles to be mixed and matched or layered with all of our essentials effortlessly even transforms them into outstanding office or party outfits,” Silvia Azzali, COO of Wolford says.

Although this is our first dedicated collection, Wolford is no stranger to athleisure. As we celebrate the 70th anniversary of our brand we took the opportunity to draw from the groundbreaking pieces found in our archive to inspire garments relevant for the modern consumer. Styles from the 80s and 90s, when aerobic classes were filled with colorful bodysuits and leggings, caught the eye of our designers and provided the muse for The W. The W. We looked back on those fitness items and gave them new life, adding elegance and style to create fashion staples for the 21st century wardrobe.
Wolford’s renowned circular knitting and sheer opaque techniques, along with minimal seams optimized for athleisure, make The W Collection our most versatile line yet. Our trademark knitting techniques and fibers mean these styles are capable of layering with all of our Essential products to help you achieve the perfect look no matter where the day may take you.

Highlights from The W Collection include playful monogrammed pieces such as the Aurora Monogram Leggings that blend eye-catching highlights with the versatile sensibility of athleisure. All Aurora products in The W Collection are Cradle to Cradle certified, making them sustainable as well as stylish. In addition to flexible skinwear. The W Collection also features fine Merino wool pieces such as the Concordia Cardigan, perfect for the journey from home to the gym and back again.

In celebration of the 70th anniversary events at Fosun Foundation in Shanghai, ten limited editions exclusively available to Chinese consumers, which fit their lifestyles in representation of a new generation of Asian women, had already hit the Chinese market a month in advance of celebratory events.

Discover the benefits of athleisure with The W Collection and embrace a more active lifestyle without sacrificing quality or sophistication.

深化布局时尚产业 复星收购Tom Tailor GmbH所有股份

Sorry, this entry is only available in 中文. For the sake of viewer convenience, the content is shown below in the alternative language. You may click the link to switch the active language.

汉堡,2020 年 9 月 23 日 —— 复星国际有限公司(股份代号:00656.HK,下称“复星”)于今日宣布,与其附属公司完成收购 Tom Tailor GmbH(简称“Tom Tailor品牌”) 100% 股份之交易。对于拥有约 3,400 名员工的 Tom Tailor 品牌而言,通过复星持续不断的战略生态赋能,在实现长期稳定增长上获得了更多可能性。

实际上,复星始终看好 Tom Tailor 品牌的独特价值,早在 2014 年就收购了其上市主体TOM TAILOR Holding SE(简称“Tom Tailor集团”)的少数股权。之后几年,复星进行了多轮增资,并最终于 2019 年取得 其控股权。

“自2014年成为Tom Tailor 品牌股东以来,复星在品牌打造上一直保持高度重视。当Tom Tailor 集团面临巨大挑战时,复星依旧对品牌充满信心,从未停止在投资与运营上的支持,” Tom Tailor公司首席执行官Gernot Lenz 表示,“ 合作多年,双方已经达成了高度契合,同时积累了丰富的行业经验。这使我们坚信,复星始终是我们的最佳搭档,无论在新冠疫情期间,抑或后续恢复期,复星都将持续为Tom Tailor品牌赋能,强强联合,助力双方走得更加长远。”

接下来,Tom Tailor 品牌希望通过复星的持续加码,激发乘数效应,以此提高自身在时装市场上的核心竞争力。作为复星生态内重要的产业板块之一,复星时尚集团(FFG)将继续和Tom Tailor 品牌高管团队紧密协作,一同管理公司的发展战略和日常运营,确保品牌能具备它成功所需的资金与策略。借助复星财务上的支持,以及有的放矢的战略投资与运营措施, Tom Tailor 品牌有信心在不远的未来实现双赢,助推复星的时尚产业布局。

对此,复星国际联席 CEO 徐晓亮表示:“复星作为一家创新驱动的家庭消费产业集团,致力于为全球家庭客户提供高质量产品和服务。作为德国最大的快时尚品牌之一,Tom Tailor 品牌已在德语区打下了坚实的市场基础,在消费者之中具有极高的品牌知名度,并且建立了一套完善的供应链和物流系统。我们认为品牌未来可期,并衷心希望 Tom Tailor 品牌能成为我们更强大、更具发展潜力的驱动引擎。”

基于品牌在疫情前创造的成绩,Tom Tailor 品牌将努力克服当前的困难,并在 2019 年的增长基础上继续蓬勃发展。在此次政府担保贷款及其他信用延期的帮助下,Tom Tailor 品牌也会获得更加充沛的资金保障,为未来的诸多战略和运营措施保驾护航。在未来一段时间里,公司将聚焦以下五个方面的发展:

  • 优化产品:致力于提高产品质量,打造更具吸引力的优质产品。
  • 提升客户忠诚度:多措并举,增进客户对品牌的忠诚度。
  • 持续进行国际化布局:除核心市场外,Tom Tailor 品牌将进一步开拓版图,尤其是东南欧国家,以确保增长动力。
  • 加强线上运营:策略性地扩展其数字销售渠道和线上业务,并增加线上收入占比。
  • 提高总体效率:为应对疫情带来的财务影响,Tom Tailor 品牌将通过实施一系列积极举措,精简生产及运营流程,提高整体运营效率。

面对当前的种种挑战,Tom Tailor 品牌这种清晰的所有权结构以及有利的融资安排,不仅能够为后续发展奠定稳固的基石,更将紧密携手公司的贸易伙伴、供应商、融资伙伴以及员工等,创造未来更多的可能性。






2017年,复星时尚集团在中国上海成立,是复星旗下的多元产业平台,深耕时尚领域,专注战略投资。复星时尚集团植根中国,放眼世界,为品牌的可持续发展提供完整解决方案。复星时尚集团相信,通过制定一系列战略举措,最终将产生长远价值。这些举措包括:品牌建立、招贤纳才、产品开发、战略联盟、渠道拓展、数字化建设,以及通过旗下品牌运营团队——复星时尚品牌管理公司,提供全面本地化运营。复星时尚集团旨在凭借独特的运作模式和定位,创造和连接跨国社群,激发人才潜能,驱动创新发展。复星时尚集团旗下品牌包括 Lanvin、Wolford、St. John、Caruso 和 Tom Tailor。


关于Tom Tailor GmbH

Tom Tailor GmbH是一个享誉国际的时装品牌,店铺遍布30多个国家,专注于中档价位的日常休闲服饰。品牌涵盖丰富的产品范围,提供包括时装、配饰等在内的多种产品。 公司通过其自有直营店及经销商作为渠道,进行零售和批发销售。截至2020年6月30日,公司共有454家TOM TAILOR门店,175家经销商,2,581家店中店和7,432家品牌集合店。此外,这些产品也会在品牌的线上商店和主要的电子商务平台中出售。

Tom Tailor GmbH的管理层由Gernot Lenz(首席执行官)和Christian Werner(首席财务官)组成。 另外,Marcus Brüning还以首席重组官(CRO)的身份临时加入管理层,以确保重组计划的执行和落地。


Wolford celebrates their 70th anniversary

(September, 2020) – Wolford is going to celebrate brand’s 70th birthday this year – celebrating the long-lasting legacy in creating outstanding Skinwear. To pay Tribute to the brand’s classic heritage and innovation in the field of luxury SKINWEAR, Wolford will celebrate with a series of events in China throughout the end of the year.

As the leading brand of luxury skin-friendly clothing, over the past 70 years, Wolford has cooperated with designer brands like Vivienne Westwood, Valentino, Karl Lagerfeld, Zac Posen, and more, using its superb craftsmanship to integrate the designs of visionaries and creating many outstanding limited collections. Through the years, Wolford has also worked with acclaimed fashion photographers to capture each piece, elevating its image beyond advertising to a work of art. Each photographer’s unique visual language has captured the femininity of different eras in their own singular way. The result is a product presented intuitively, an experience conveyed to the audience, and a subsequent chapter captured for the heritage of fashion photography.

Among these artists is photographer Helmut Newton, one of the most influential fashion photographers of the 20th century. In the 1990s, he launched an era-defining visual perspective with Wolford. He used his lens to capture the femininity of the Wolford brand: its independence, its confidence, and its timelessness. 2020 marks Wolford 70 years celebration as well as the centenary birthday of this iconic photographer. To immortalize this incredible moment , Wolford has created three commemorative tees featuring the photography of Helmut Newton, for sale worldwide.

Since 1950, our muses have been inclusive and confident women all over the world who fully express themselves in each and every moment. We wish to empower women worldwide. Wolford looks forward to engaging with independent women across countries and cultures to convey this spirit to women everywhere. As the cooperation between China’s Fosun Group and Wolford enters its second year, Chinese consumers will also have the opportunity to discover Wolford’s new look and feel. Modern women from various industries and backgrounds across China will have the opportunity to define what it means to be independent, powerful, and feminine.

“We will not still be here if it wasn’t for the amazing women out there”, says Silvia Azzali, CCO of the brand. “Our devotion to women has no boundaries and, over the years, they have responded making our pieces iconic and everlasting as they are designed to make them feel sexy yet comfortable. We believe that every woman deserves Wolford.

Beginning in September, a series of offline celebrations will begin with events at the Shanghai Fosun Foundation and Bund Financial Center (BFC). At the same time, to both mark the milestone of 70 years and look ahead to the future, Wolford’s new sportswear line, The W Collection, will debut to the Chinese market. This collection is designed with a new generation of Asian women in mind, marking the beginning of a new era for the brand.

Wolford has long maintained an unwavering dedication to the pursuit of sustainability. Two years ago, Wolford has launched the world’s first recyclable and fully biodegradable collection: Aurora, that has soon received the Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certification , for both the biological and technological cycle. In keeping with the legacy of the brand’s 70 years of pioneering fashion and unrelenting pursuit of high-quality products, the new products combine the masterful craftsmanship, technological innovation and original design for which the brand is known, while also imbuing Aurora’s classic pieces with a new vitality. The line will be unveiled to the Chinese market in September as a 70th anniversary gift from us, to you.

Wolford is the only fashion and textile company to be Cradle to Cradle™ Gold Certified. Our dedication to sustainability is our dedication to humanity and to our future. With this spirit in mind, the Wolford pop-up coffee shop will open at the Shanghai Fosun Foundation beginning October 1.

On June 24th, 2020 we have turned 70. 70 years devoted to femininity and women empowerment 70 years well spent. It is an important milestone, worth celebrating, but as 2020 was not the year we wanted it to be, we will carry on our celebrations into the next season too, providing our loving fans with collections that, more than ever, will focus on creativity, workmanship, sustainability and quality, designed to make women shine.

Fosun: Joann Cheng on building a proper Chinese luxury group

Few groups have excited as much attention in luxury in the past few years as Fosun, a giant Chinese conglomerate that has gradually built up a significant position as player in fashion and elegance in Europe.

The highest-profile acquisition by its division Fosun Fashion Group has been Lanvin, the oldest haute couture house in Paris. Though the Fosun Fashion Group has also acquired control or large minority stakes in a quintet of diverse, but definitely prestigious luxury marques. Like Wolford, the most famous high-end hosiery business, which Fosun acquired in 2018, same year as Lanvin. The conglomerate even created a Fosun Fashion Group, which also owns a significant majority stake in Caruso, one of Italy’s greatest manufacturer of high-end tailoring. And has a controlling stake in St. John Knits, and also in Tom Tailor, the German clothing retailer.

Hence, in recent seasons, the chairman of Fosun Fashion Group (FFG), Joann Cheng, has been a quiet, yet much noted presence at Lanvin shows, joined in the front row by FFG Vice President David Chan.  So, we caught up with Cheng and Chan to discover their vision on how Fosun plans to build a profitable luxury group.
Quoted company on the Hong Kong since 2007, Fosun is a diversified conglomerate with stakes in real estate, pharmaceuticals, health care, wealth management and insurance. In 2018, Fosun earned record profit of RMB 13.4 billion or ($2 billion) on turnover of RMB 109.4 billion ($16.5 billion). Though privately owned, the group is perceived to be an expression of China’s drive to achieve greater soft power worldwide over the next decade. It certainly has deep pockets and has bought stakes in prestige global brands. It owns Wolverhampton Wanderers football team, currently ranked sixth in the English Premier League; over 90% of Club Med; some 18% of Tsingtao beer and several prestige buildings like the 230-meter tall residential tower at 126 Madison in Manhattan and 28 Liberty Street, a 60-story building near Wall Street.

However, its most mediatic investments are surely in fashion and luxury, via Fosun Fashion Group, which is part of the conglomerate’s quaintly named Happiness segment, meaning direct to consumer lifestyle brands for middle class consumption. This even includes a minority stake in Le Cirque du Soleil.

Cheng is very much new-generation-business Chinese. She attended Shanghai University of Finance and Economics and has a masters from China Europe International Business School, also in Shanghai. After college, she became an auditor at KPMG for 10 years, before moving to commercial finance and private equity funds prior to joining Fosun. Cheng began as CFO of its USD fund, before moving to post-investment portfolio management.

“In 2016, we began to realize that fashion was a very seasonal business. That it required a long-term commitment and vision in order to really build up a brand. So in 2017, we took a much more direct interest in this portfolio. We do not run it like investors. We are really like a corporate type of group with long-term view,” she explained over coffee in Paris.

In early 2019, the group also created the China-based Fosun Brand Management Company, a specialized team designed to operate brands in China, which handles real estate, opening stores and managing those boutiques. Both for FFG’s quintet of brands, and by offering those services  to other medium-sized external marques that want to come into China. Fosun Brand Management Company has already inked a deal with the Marquee Group, a US fund that includes brands such as Martha Stewart, Ben Sherman, BCBG, Body Glove and Bruno Magli of O. J. Simpson fame, to do business with them in China.
But, Fosun itself is clearly more attracted to higher-end European fashion.

“Fosun accumulated experience first-hand as a minority stake in Caruso, and we found that this was a very attractive investment even if it needed  a long-term commitment. Now, we have brands that have very unique DNA. St. John is specialized in knitwear, Caruso a luxury men’s suiting; Lanvin is high luxury independent couture house; and Wolford is a key brand for tights and bodies. So, they are all quite unique. So, we were very attracted by this sort of brand equity. We want to support these brands to grow in their home country and to build them in the China market. So far, for all them, China is very small compared to home market. For Lanvin, for example, China it’s about 20% of total retail. While we are about to launch Caruso in China,” expounded Cheng.

None of the five are as prestigious as Lanvin, one of Paris most storied couture labels, which had a glorious period of editorial support and growth during the 15-year tenure of creative director Alber Elbaz. However, after his dismissal in 2015, Lanvin rumbled through two other designers, and lost clients and turnover at an alarming rate before Fosun acquired control of the house in spring 2018 with a commitment to invest €100 million.

Since taking control, Fosun installed the experienced French executive Jean-Philippe Hecquet as CEO and named Bruno Sialelli as creative director, who has gone on to win largely positive reviews from the unforgiving front-row fashion reviewers.

“Lanvin is very reputable in the Asian market. It’s a truly unique brand – with long Parisian history, and an amazing archive, which puts value into the  brand. So, that brand deserves a larger business. And we really believe that Bruno has the talent to bring back the creative tradition of the brand. So, basically, we are determined it bring this brand back on track,” insists Cheng.

Cheng is voluble in her praise for Sialelli, whose collections have won wide applause for their exotic novelty and subtle use of Lanvin’s DNA.

“Bruno has this unique talent. Like when you see the shows, the whole mood is more refreshed, with a younger component, yet still with a brand heritage component. And, Bruno used lots of elements from the archives, like the logo and much more,” she enthuses.
Moving quickly, they have moved the entire creative team out of multiple offices spread over three buildings near its historic Faubourg Saint-Honoré flagship and installed them all in seven floors in one building on hip rue Saint-Augustin, in the new Silicon Valley of Paris in the western end of the 2nd arrondissement.

“Being newcomers, we can install best practices,” Cheng notes.

Lanvin also opened three stores last year in China: two in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong K11, the multi-billion waterfront cultural district and shopping destination that is the brainchild of tycoon and art patron Adrien Cheng. Plus, Lanvin opened a pop-up in Mercer in SoHo.

Cheng and Chan are somewhat infuriatingly careful not to reveal Fosun’s exact stake in many of the companies, or indeed their annual turnover. However, Bregenz-based Wolford is quoted in Vienna, with annuals sales of around €145 million euros. While Hamburg-based Tom Tailor is quoted in Frankfurt, with annual group sales of  some €850 million. So, the Fosun Fashion Group annual turnover most likely exceeds one and a quarter billion euros.

In Italy, Caruso has also opened a new showroom near Duomo, and Fosun is keen to develop its own brand, even if the company is still more famous as a manufacturer than marque. “Caruso is a manufacturer. That is its core values, as the brand makes incredible classic suits. But we want to evolve more to a total look that can be worn by gentlemen on all occasions,” explains Cheng.

Before Chan adds: “It’s important to realize that three of our five brands have their own manufacturing: St. John has plants in Mexico; Wolford in Austria and Slovenia; and Caruso produces clothes for top-tier luxury brands, among whom Lanvin. That was the connection.”

Back in the late ’80s and early ’90s, several well-funded Japanese groups bought French brands, without leading to any notable successes. Why, one wonders, does Fosun think they can be be different? And, what makes them think they can rival major western players like Kering or LVMH?

Choosing her words carefully, Cheng responds: “Both Kering and LVMH we really respect. We don’t want to compare ourselves to them and their market position. We are so young, just born three years ago. We only opened FFG in 2017.”

“Now we are focussed on operations, though our investment office is also looking for opportunities.  A key way to develop is through organic growth. So to grow these brands we have the core engine of the home market and their heritage. And then we have the second engine, the China engine.  We are in the China market, which is a reaaalllly big market. China is a very good in digital, and in e-commerce. And, we believe we can build them up digitally, like with livestreamed shows,” expounds Chan.

During the recent season, when coronavirus meant no Chinese celebrities and buyers could come from China to the Lanvin show, the house produced a virtual reality version of the catwalk event, and showed it on Iqiyi, the giant Beijing-based online video platform, and on Secoo, the giant Chinese online luxury e-commerce platform. It reached an audience of 1.5 million individuals, with a potential exposure to 126 million viewers. Plus, the Lanvin catwalk moment also played  on TikTok, expanding the reach.

“Chinese people really like fashion and luxury, so they really wanted to see this show. And with livestreaming they could. And, we had 250 articles in Chinese fashion and lifestyle media on this show!  That’s what I mean by the China engine!” she cheered.

Unlike many European executives, who are in the midst of closing stores, pop-ups, restaurants and even factories due to Covid-19, Cheng believes, at least for China, that the worst moment has passed.

“Yes, for sure it has had an impact, but China is pretty much cooling down, with almost 70%, in some cities 100% back to work. We also hope that consumption after a few more months shall catch up. School, however, is all online, my son of 14 is still studying online, with the same teacher and via livestream,” she nods.

However, Fosun is in the process of launching its own e-commerce marketplace in China for its own brands, making sure that Chinese customers, even if blocked at home can still buy.

“Most of our business was in retail historically. But due to the virus the government said ‘stay home,’ and we Chinese follow the rules. The streets were deserted. However, perhaps, that has helped an older generation also embrace the online world, and e commerce,” said Cheng, who admitted she has been living in Europe for the past two months.


Crossing lines of dialogue – other voices, different personalities, points of view. The Lanvin Fall/Winter 2020 collection is a collection of discussions between past and present, patrimony and modernity, all using the language of the Maison to communicate to the now.

Conversations are found between manifest individuals. First, foremost, there is the conversation between Lanvin creative director Bruno Sialelli and the founder Jeanne Lanvin, traversing time and connecting the contemporary with the historical. His investigation of her design vocabulary discovers a fresh grammar and syntax. But in turn, that conversation inevitably reflects others – namely Jeanne Lanvin’s visionary collaborations, uniquely based in dialogue with different creative disciplines – she not only designed clothes for women but, in collaboration with a family of creatives, devised childrenswear and menswear, interiors, cosmetics and parfum. All are referenced here, those individual tête-à-têtes feeding a more general discussion, each speaking of Lanvin in a different voice.

Lanvin’s 1949 collaboration with the French poet and author Louise de Vilmorin on the book L’Opéra de l’Odorat – in itself a collaboration, prefaced by Colette and illustrated by Guillaume Gillet with watercolours and expressive calligrams, is a source of graphicism. Words wind their way into illustrative lines of print, expressive watercolours are printed across feathers and silks. The perfume and beauty lines of Lanvin are translated into bijoux de fantaisie and buttons furrowed like the flaçon of Lanvin’s signature 1927 fragrance, Arpège; Lanvin’s cosmetics suggest a whispered color palette of powder blue and blush-pink, bordeaux, rouge feu and rose-midi. Furthermore, their forms are used for accessories – minaudière handbags are formed from overscale lipstick and rouge compacts, like surreal objets d’art. Lanvin’s conversation with designer Armand Albert Rateau resulted in the extraordinary interior of her home on rue Barbet de Jouy – a zoomorphic wonderland of animaux transmogrified into furniture, here translated again into jewellery and accessories. Menswear – originally launched in 1926 – here underscores the women’s silhouettes, each borrowing from the other.

Lanvin lived beyond Jeanne. As a fragrance diffuses a room after the wearer has left, these clothes bear traces, evoke memories and emotions. They are redolent. Garments themselves reference not only Jeanne Lanvin’s signature sinuous lines of the 1920s 1930s, her robes de style and graphic Modernist embroideries, executed like jewels, but also the work of her successors, who converse with her as inspiration. The curvilinear shoulders and structured brevity of tailoring recall mid-century haute couture, balanced on heels formed into a graphic, abstract ‘J’ for Jeanne, a Brancusi incline.

A wider conversation comes from Lanvin’s perception – as an innate, distinctly French brands, the oldest couture house in Paris. References are draw generally from this abstract notion of Frenchness: the bourgeoisie gesture of a matching parure of jewels, the gesture of a gloved wrist matched to handbag matched to shoes. From the art of Henri Toulouse Lautrec and Pierre-Auguste Renoir, executed when Maison Lanvin was founded in 1889, come ruffled rond de jambe skirts, a froufrou femininity. Playfully, a Parisian pâtisseries box can become a handbag. Exploding those periods, the show décor expresses a notion of contradictory domestic grandeur – a maison meets a maison de couture. Created in the Manufacture des Gobelins, using archival tapestries drawn from several centuries to create an interior reminiscent of both then and now, it is another conversation piece.

In all, a manifesto of Lanvin. Past, present, always.